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Provide Volunteering and Work Opportunities

How To Help

Providing volunteer opportunities for our consumers

Volunteering is the primary activity in Tailored Day Service. Many consumers spend time volunteering at a range of government or nonprofit agencies with their TDS Instructor. Examples include animal shelters, food banks, museums, community gardens, and a variety of thrift stores. Our instructors are always looking for new places to volunteer with consumers, especially if specialized work skills can be developed, like office skills. Please don't hesitate to let our office know if you are looking for volunteers at your non-profit agency. Volunteering lets the consumer participate in their community in a meaningful way while also building employment and social skills.



Many TDS consumers come to this program because they seek employment. TDS helps consumers get ready for competitive employment through volunteering. They learn important soft skills like appropriate work socialization, dressing/grooming, punctuality, keeping commitments, and teamwork. If you have a special skill set  or are a craftsman and would like to train someone, please let us know!