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Tailored Day Service - a core program

What We Do

Tailored Day Service (TDS) is a unique, community-based day program that focuses on volunteerism, employment skills, and higher learning. While most programming will be in small groups (2-3 consumers with 1 instructor), 1:1 ratio is occasionally available, depending on the consumer’s desired activities. For example, assistance with homework would be done at a 1:1 ratio, while volunteering at a food bank would be scheduled as a small group activity. Our TDS Instructors provide transportation for all TDS appointments.

Consumers are authorized for 43 hours per month of service. This means TDS is a part-time day program and consumers are not seen every day. Also unique, the program is not bound to traditional program hours. Appointments may occur any day of the week, in the morning, afternoon, or night. Use of all 43 hours per month is not required; some people use all 43 hours every month, while others use only part of their 43 hours. However, once the monthly schedule is created, it is expected that the consumer will not cancel appointments, except for illness or an emergency.

Program Focus

Tailored Day Service has three foci: volunteerism, employment skills, and higher education. All work in the TDS program should be done with one of these goals in mind.

  • Volunteerism

    This is the primary activity in TDS. Many consumers spend time volunteering at a range of government or nonprofit agencies with their TDS Instructor. Examples include animal shelters, city and county libraries, food banks, museums, community gardens, and a variety of thrift stores. TDS consumers can also volunteer at the Arc-Solano itself. Examples include clerical volunteer opportunities and special event volunteer opportunities. Volunteerism lets the consumer participate in their community in a meaningful way while also building employment and social skills.

  • Soft Skills for Employment

    Many TDS consumers come to this program because they seek employment. TDS helps consumers get ready for competitive employment through volunteering. They learn important soft skills like appropriate work socialization, dressing/grooming, punctuality, keeping commitments, and teamwork. We can also help consumers build and write their resumes, practice for interviews, and fill out applications. Occasionally, TDS will have paid employment opportunities. These can include janitorial work crews, and creating and selling arts & crafts. It is important to note that TDS does not provide full-time employment. Paid employment may occur only a few times per year.

  • Higher Education

    Consumers who want to learn also come to TDS. Most consumers who select this option are interested in college coursework, but we can also help with GED or vocational courses. We can assist with selecting schools/classes and registering, creating a study schedule and helping the consumer keep on track and on time, assist consumer with studying, and occasionally taking the consumer to classes. TDS consumers can also participate in our Literacy Program, both as a student or a peer tutor. Finally, we will also take occasional educational field trips.