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What We Do

General qualifications for all of our Core Programs include, but are not limited to:

  • Being a client of North Bay Regional Center, who has been referred to our agency by a Service Coordinator and has a current purchase in place

  • Not requiring personal care or medical care by our staff

  • Being ambulatory: get in & out of cars, go up & down stairs, walk on uneven surfaces

  • Available space in the desired program

Eligibility for specific programs includes

Transitional Service (ILS Training Program):

  • Meeting 1-2 times per week to satisfy needs (not daily)

  • Not being homeless 

  • Willing to accept the advice of TS staff

  • Living independently or wishing to learn how to live independently

Alternatives in Curriculum & Training (Behavior Management Day Program):

  • Having a dual diagnosis or requiring services similar to that of someone who has a dual diagnoses

  • Being able to participate at a 1:3 ratio in the community

  • Have a desire to participate in a day program

  • Being continent

Tailored Day Service:

  • Able and willing to participate in community outings 

  • Walk short to medium distances

  • Desire to volunteer and/or educate oneself

  • Lift small loads

For NBRC Service Coordinators

  • This application is for NBRC Service Coordinators only. Please complete and return this form with the consumer's latest IPP and CDER.